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Our engagements

Upon taking our jobs a report on the state of maintenance of the condominium and the conditions required for its proper functioning and to value creation.

We will be available to all the co-owners discussing a forum to exchange as many times as necessary on the life of the condominium.

We will notify all owners of any action outside routine maintenance.

We will meet members of the union council as many times as necessary.

We will make every effort to achieve savings without reducing the services needed to use the condominium.

Our fees: After studying accounting and administrative parts of each condominium we will be able to offer a suitable price


How to change Trustee?

The contract between the condominium building at trustee is concluded for 1-3 years.

At the annual general meeting you can ask the tendering of your trustee. To do this, it is necessary to send a RAR to your trustee and the president of the union council asking him to add the tender for the trustee to the agenda of the A.G. enclosing the contract proposal of another trustee.

This resolution will be voted by all the co-owners at the meeting who will have the opportunity to maintain the trustee in place or replace.

Our insurance :

Financial Guarantee: LLOYD'S- SEGAP - 75007 PARIS 75378 Paris - Contract LEGAI05020

RCP: LLOYD'S- SEGAP - 75007 PARIS 75378 Paris - Contract LEGI04660

Holder business card bearing the words "transactions on buildings and goodwill", "property management" and "tourist services" No. 12-016 TG issued by the Prefecture of Saint Barthelemy and Saint Martin